With its new headquarters in the canton of Friborg, Scott Sports has set a clear signal for innovation.

The building with its striking facade houses 1,000 square metres of showroom with test track, 600 workplaces, 50 meeting rooms and its own fitness centre. With so much activity on the part of visitors and employees, it goes without saying that plenty of shower facilities are also available.

With regard to the attributes “Swissness” and “Innovation”, LAUFEN was the natural partner for this project: a total of more than 40 wet rooms were created, equipped with individually manufactured BESPOKE washbasins made of the mineral cast material Sentec. In addition, infrared-controlled, contactless fittings and urinal controls as well as additional ceramic products from the Moderna R, Val and Lema series were used.

Route du Crochet 11
1762 Givisiez, Schweiz



LAUFEN product:
LAUFEN BESPOKE washbasin and faucet; Moderna R, Val and Lema

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